Prairie GSP's
Janet & Tom Clark
36352 NS 4214 Road
 Inola, OK  74036
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Thank you for your patience!

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Sunshine's First Christmas Dexter, Terra, and Hunter Celebrate Tuesday's First Birthday on 4/12/02, and anxiously await the birthday cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Terra and Tom play bubbles Terra and Hunter celebrate the fourth of July, 2001!!
pupsbd.jpg (385713 bytes) HunterTub.jpg (61764 bytes)
Dazzle and Kismet's First Birthday Party!  8/30/2000 Hunter Cooling Off!
pupscouchA1.jpg (37767 bytes) molsonshoescrubweb.jpg (228005 bytes)
Dazzle, Kismet, Scamper, and Buster 16 weeks, calmly enjoy chew sticks... Molson (NY) is easily entertained by a shoe scrubby!
Cheifish.jpg (463517 bytes) JakePlaysBall.jpg (1277045 bytes)
Cheif likes to play "Go Fish!"  Chief is loved by Maureen and Steve in Duluth, GA Jake Knows this ball playing game...Jake is loved by Mike in Frankfurt, KY
MolsonFrisbee1.jpg (518572 bytes) MolsonFrisbee2.jpg (515693 bytes)
Molson loves Frisbee, Plays with Steve in Ridge, NY Molson has worn Steve Out!!!!
xmasdogs (4).gif (51165 bytes) 2000XMas1A.jpg (165736 bytes)
Christmas 2000  "Santa Hunter, Elf Kismet, and Reindeer Dazzle" Christmas 2000  "Santa Hunter, Elf Kismet, and Reindeer Dazzle"
RkHnTrSN2.jpg (97977 bytes) terrasnow2.jpg (140458 bytes)
Rocky Honors Terra Pointing snowflakes 1/1/2001 Terra CAN catch snowflakes!
DexLetSn.jpg (80054 bytes) kisSNmst2.jpg (79279 bytes)
Dexter says "Let it SNOW" 1/1/2001 Kismet shows off her "Snow Mustache" 1/1/2001
playsnow2.jpg (140372 bytes) easter01A.jpg (369385 bytes)
A little snow does not inhibit our ability to play FETCH the Stick!  1/1/2001 Hunter was our Easter Bunny this year, Easter 2001
Fritz'sDog.jpg (685941 bytes) pupsMums.jpg (64016 bytes)
"Louie" trains for his NAVHDA testing. 

Fritz's dog in Perrysburg, OH


Pups In Mischief!
The mums didn't survive.
magBoy3.jpg (635358 bytes) FrzSwm2.jpg (211843 bytes)
Max & Maggie, 
Swampscott, MA
Louie loves to Swim!!
Fritz's Dog, Perrysburg, OH
MolsonHouse.jpg (502996 bytes) TuesdayFlowers.jpg (1193435 bytes)
Molson has a pup condo in his yard in NY! "Tuesday" reminds us that the flowers and mums don't always survive puppies!
Cheifsleep2.jpg (509766 bytes) Cheifsteps.jpg (189637 bytes)
Chief is a tired pup!  Chief learns stairs easily!!
DazWEBStk3.jpg (168537 bytes) DazWEBStk4.jpg (153986 bytes)
Dazzle proves retrieve is no problem Dazzle also proves our dogs ability to pose for the camera!
blaze_fetch4web.jpg (198311 bytes) blaze_retrieve1web.jpg (183497 bytes)
"Blaze" not only can fetch....taken at 14 weeks. "Blaze" can also retrieve...taken at 14 weeks!
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Mike & Maggie, Swampscott, MA Max, Mike, & Matt with Maggie in Swampscott, MA

                                                            We reserve the right not to sell any pup or dog to anyone at anytime.