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Spring 2001 Litter

Spirit, i.e. Ch. Prairie's Pure Spirit and Rocky, i.e. Ch. Hillside's Rocky Mtn High are proud to share with you pictures of their litter, whelped 4/12/01.

5 Males and 5 Females

You can double click on each image to get a closer view!!      Enjoy!!!


1male602.jpg (142061 bytes) emmadog1 (2).JPG (67136 bytes) 2female602.jpg (128068 bytes)
"Yaeger" lives in Keller Texas and illustrates our dogs dispositions. "Yaeger" lives in Keller Texas and illustrates our dogs dispositions. Elisah lives in Lindsay, Oklahoma
2female602a.jpg (124365 bytes) JakePT.jpg (805662 bytes) JakeInt.jpg (1112907 bytes)
Elisah lives in Lindsay, Oklahoma Jake Lives in Frankfort, KY Intense Jake in KY, also see him  playing ball in the photo album 
Cheifamily.jpg (103896 bytes) Cheifetch.jpg (1122067 bytes) MolsonPT.jpg (513225 bytes)
Chief and Family, Duluth GA Cheif knows "Fetch"  Check out his other talents in the photo album... Molson lives in Ridge, NY
MolsonToys.jpg (335736 bytes) TessSleep1.jpg (528931 bytes) TessCouch.jpg (843810 bytes)
Molson also has additional features in the photo album!! Tess Lives In KC, KS Tess Hangs Out in the house!
blaze_couch2web.jpg (107642 bytes) blaze_parkweb.jpg (141384 bytes) 8female602.jpg (127451 bytes)
Blaze Lives in Levelland, Tx and is no stranger to the comforts of the home!! Blaze Lives in Levelland, Tx and learns easily how to fetch and carry the training dummy. Nellie Lives in Bend, OR
8female602a.jpg (121289 bytes) Chestersleep.jpg (849700 bytes) Chester&Taylor play.jpg (410498 bytes)
Nellie lives in Bend, OR Chester lives in Phoenix, AZ  It is obvious of his comfort Chester and Taylor Play  in Phoenix, AZ
TuesdayAudra.jpg (762164 bytes) Tuesday!!.jpg (1007337 bytes) pup1512.jpg (93265 bytes)
"Tuesday" and Audra in RI "Tuesday" enjoys the shade Stretched out at 4 weeks
pup2512.jpg (104615 bytes) DumpH20.jpg (108296 bytes) InOut517.jpg (120065 bytes)
Life is rough at 4 weeks This is the way I tip the water! Learning the dog door is NO Problem!!! 
BysOut517.jpg (112074 bytes) song517.jpg (118523 bytes)  
Boys are out and about! Puppy Serenade!   
baddogsS.jpg (101993 bytes) sp412b4.jpg (126921 bytes) sp413atr.jpg (114808 bytes)
"Puppy Nappers!" 3 weeks Spirit resting prior to whelping, 4/12/01 afternoon Spirit resting after whelping with her passel of pups!
spiritrelax.jpg (242471 bytes) puppylove.jpg (581686 bytes) 17DPuppile.jpg (101666 bytes)
spirit knows how to relax..... Puppy Love, 3 weeks Puppy Pile! at 3 weeks

Spring 2002 Litter

Spirit, i.e. Ch. Prairie's Pure Spirit and Rio, i.e. Int Ch. Southwind's Riverdance, CD are pleased to announce the arrival of their healthy and happy PASSEL OF PATCHES!!

8 Males and 3 Females born 4/26/02

This page will be updated with new pictures every week.     Their eyes were open and  their "ticking" started coming in as they began to walk at 12 days of age!   Oh My........The pictures below are taken at 50 days of age(7 weeks, 1 day.)  

You can double click on each image to get a closer view!!      Enjoy!!!

If you wish to see the Pedigree of the Sire, click here..  Rio's Pedigree

1M061502F.jpg (129241 bytes) 1M061502S.jpg (124780 bytes) 2M061502F.jpg (104829 bytes)
Cruiser now lives in Texas  Cruiser now lives in Texas Lucky lives with us here in Inola, Oklahoma
2M061502S.jpg (130949 bytes) 3M061502F.jpg (121530 bytes) 3M061502S.jpg (125992 bytes)
Lucky lives with us here in Inola, Oklahoma Jake lives in Texas Jake lives in Texas
4M061502F.jpg (89276 bytes) 4M061502S.jpg (131494 bytes) 5F061502F.jpg (121572 bytes)
Duke lives in Oklahoma Duke lives in Oklahoma Molly lives in Missouri
5F061502S.jpg (129590 bytes) 6M061502F.jpg (127124 bytes) 6M061502S.jpg (112835 bytes)
Molly lives in Missouri Rocky lives in New Jersey Rocky lives in New Jersey
7F061502F.jpg (123908 bytes) 7F061502S.jpg (138047 bytes) 8F061502F.jpg (140019 bytes)
Tilly lives in Ohio Tilly Lives in Ohio Oakley lives in Kansas
8F061502S.jpg (125879 bytes) 9M061502F.jpg (128261 bytes) 9M061502S.jpg (137143 bytes)
Oakley lives in Kansas Jake lives in Michigan Jake lives in Michigan
10M061502F.jpg (139196 bytes) 10M061502S.jpg (124217 bytes) 11M061502F.jpg (106782 bytes)
Otis Lives in New Jersey Otis lives in New Jersey Bear lives in Texas
11M061502S.jpg (131327 bytes) PregnantBeauty42102WEB.jpg (66385 bytes) PregnantResting42402BWEB.jpg (55249 bytes)
Bear lives in Texas "Pregnant Beauty" Pictured 5 days Before Spirit Whelped To produce a Quality Pup, Health, Good Nutrition, and COMFORTABLE REST is REQUIRED...this is how we treat our dogs!  
ReadytoWhelp42602WEB.jpg (74321 bytes) PatchPasselArrivedWEB.jpg (48019 bytes) PasselPatchworkLitterDayOneWEB.jpg (122846 bytes)
Spirit is Ready to Whelp, taken 4/26/02 noontime Spirit and her pups hour's old  Pups at one day of age, Mom and Pups doing well.
PUPPILE511.jpg (124341 bytes) 4MILKBOWLSTEALING.jpg (133202 bytes) 4MILKLAP2Web.jpg (89332 bytes)
Pup Pile taken at 15 days of age.  Note the color contrast! Pup #4 elected to "steal" the goat milk instead of waiting his turn.  It is his 2 week birthday   Here Pup #4 thoroughly ENJOYS his goat milk!
7MILKSTEAL2.jpg (134671 bytes) 8MILKLAP.jpg (90214 bytes) PUPPILE5902.jpg (112176 bytes)
Pup #7 does not let the "BOYS" out do the girls!!!  She says she can "steal" too and celebrate her 2 week birthday! And her sister, Pup #8, is right behind her to support her in enjoying her milk!!! Pup Pile at 13 days of age! 
puppile1a.jpg (106511 bytes) milkbottle.jpg (69243 bytes) circlingmilk2.jpg (125016 bytes)
puppy pile at three weeks of age.  #5 helps herself at 2 1/2 weeks of age. #4 guards the milkbowl
selfservemilk2.jpg (122378 bytes) MILKALLOVER.jpg (125390 bytes) PUPSMILKBOWL.jpg (126275 bytes)
Self Serve Milk Milk All Over Getting Into the milk
puppile1a.jpg (106511 bytes) upsidedown2.jpg (62303 bytes) upsidedown1.jpg (118590 bytes)
Pup Pile 2 weeks of age Upside down and relaxed Another upside down pup
sleep1.jpg (146313 bytes) sleep2.jpg (102176 bytes) sleep4.jpg (110130 bytes)
Pupper Nappers Full and Content The shoe works for a bed
sleep5.jpg (107183 bytes) whatchadoing.jpg (32885 bytes)
True Comfort Spirit watches as we tend to the pups, saying "whatcha doing?" "I said, Whatcha doing?"
4STEALING.jpg (85013 bytes)    
#4 now steals Mom's food at 23 days of age.

               Fall 2002 Litter

Dazzle, i.e. Prairie's Razzle Dazzle JH & Emanuel,  i.e.   Emanuel vom Steinwitten,   D1 AZP1 VBR BTR,  SG are pleased to announce the expected litter  whelped on September 29, 2002.    

The Pics below were taken at 55 days of age.  

1F111602A.jpg (123266 bytes) 1F111602B.jpg (107165 bytes) 1F111602F.jpg (118816 bytes) 2F111602A.jpg (128922 bytes)
Pup #1 Female named Kaitlyn lives in North Carolina Pup #1 Female named Kaitlyn lives in North Carolina Pup #1 Female named Kaitlyn lives in North Carolina Pup #2 Female lives in Texas
2F111602B.jpg (130973 bytes) 2F111602F.jpg (123697 bytes) 3F111602A.jpg (133985 bytes) 3F111602B.jpg (130675 bytes)
Pup #2 Female lives in Texas Pup #2 Female lives in Texas Pup #3 Female named Sunshine lives here at our house!  Pup #3 Female named Sunshine lives here at our house! 
3F111602F.jpg (128264 bytes) 4M111602A.jpg (134980 bytes) 4M111602B.jpg (117752 bytes) 4M111602F.jpg (130265 bytes)
Pup #3 Female named Sunshine lives here at our house!  Pup #4 Male lives in California  Pup #4 Male lives in California Pup #4 Head lives in California
  5M111602F.jpg (137615 bytes) 5M111602A.jpg (119611 bytes) 5M111602B.jpg (112774 bytes)
  Pup #5 Male lives in Illinois Pup #5 Male lives in Illinois Pup #5 Male lives in Illinois
GIRLSonBoy.jpg (164965 bytes)   Daz1,2Resting.jpg (133132 bytes)  
girls take on pup #4   Dazzle Resting after  #1 And #2 9/29/02  

"Emanuel" was carefully chosen to reinforce our goals in breeding, i.e. maintaining the breed standard and producing conformationally correct dogs with strong instincts and natural ability.   This line-breeding between Dazzle and Emanuel emphasizes the Hege-Haus and Pottsiepen lineage, as well as highlights the qualities produced by WS Ciro KS Vom Bichtelwald 

Emanuel has seven points towards his AKC Conformation Championship.  He has earned the following German titles:  D1 or Derby Prize 1, (This is the test for puppies born after the first of October of the year before last. It is basically a natural ability test and is held only in the spring.     Derbies are field trials for youngsters approxiamately 12 months of age.  They are designed to test "search" (hunting ability) and "nose" (scenting ability) plus enthusiasm and style.  Steadiness, whilst desirable, is not essential at this stage.  You will see a "D" followed by a number. This stands for Prize 1,2 or 3 which is what is awarded based on the pup's performance if he passes the test. A pup may enter more than one Derby and each result will be recorded on the pedigree.)

AZP1 or Solms (AZP) Prize 1, 

(S =Solms Held in the autumn of the same year as the Derby, this test is the next level up from the Derby. A number indicating that the dog was awarded a Prize 1,2, or 3 will follow the "S". The Solms may be entered more than once, and each result will be recorded on the pedigree.

AZP = Alterszuchtprufung
This is the "Older Dog Breeding Test" and is basically a trial for dogs that for some reason were unable to be tested in a Solms test. The rules are the same as for the Solms, but a higher level of performance is expected in consideration of the dog's age. These dogs should not be over 6 years old.
  In order to be eligible to participate in the Dr. Kleeman Trial, a dog must have been awarded prizes in Derby and Solms Tests, or in the AZP.)



VBR = Verlorenbringen(Recovery of game. Requires trailing and retrieving a hare over a distance of about 300 meters. while the trail is still warm but the dog has not seen the game.)

BTR . = Bringtreueprufung
(The retrieving reliability test. This requires finding a fox placed in undergrowth at least 3 hours previous to the test. The dog is released at least 150 yds. from the fox and must search with no help from the handler.)

 and was evaluated as "SG" or Sehr Gut SG=Very Good in Zuchtschaus (breed show)  held to evaluate the conformation of the dogs according to the DKV breed standard.  



When I first Met Emanuel, He greeting me in a calm but friendly manner, then proceeded to Pointing the Rabbit until we drew him away from it!!

Prairie’s Razzle Dazzle, JH

wpe228.jpg (42900 bytes)

Dazzle is a feminine ticked and patched gal, with a solid liver head.  She has nice bone, a beautiful head, compact feet, and proves Quality breeding produces Quality Dogs.     She is 22" tall and weighs 54#.  She is OFA "EXCELLENT."


Dazzle is an intense but biddable dog in the field, naturally checking objectives and has proven herself already at her young age by easily completing her Junior Hunting (JH) title.   .

 DzHTst900.jpg (600123 bytes)  In conformation, she has been shown on a limited basis, and has nine conformation points, including "Best of Breed" wins.  She will return to the Conformation Ring to Complete her Championship in 2003.  She has natural retrieving instincts, & demonstrates those instincts by flawlessly returning the bird to hand, or when that is not available, is smart enough to improvise and play fetch no matter the size of the stick or will also help gather the firewood..

And Lastly, Dazzle is a calm and loving dog that goes to extremes in trying to please Tom and I.  That is the most important "Quality" in a "Quality" Bred dog.  She is the producer of our next "Foundation Gal" at Prairie's GSP's, named "Sunshine" from her litter that whelped  September 29, 2002.

Dazzle x Emanuel Pedigree

Dazzle is sired out of K.S. Kristian Vom Pottsiepen, a German import) dam is my Terra girl featured on my "foundation" page, Ch. Tuckoma's Prairie Vixen, who is out of "Trekker", i.e. Dual Ch/AFC Trekker V. Grunbaum, UDX, TDX, MH, MX, AXJ  is the highest titled dog ever in GSP history.  He is a Dual Field and Conformation Champion, American Field Champion, Utility Dog Excellent, Tracking Dog Excellent, Master Hunter, Master Agility Excellent, and Agility Excellent Jumper.  .Dazzle's Great Grandfather is Hustler, i.e. Dual Champion Hillhaven's Hustler, all time top producer of Dual champions in GSP history.    Dazzle's other Great Grandfather is  "Zobel"   Zobel was a German import and better known as , Int. World Ch. & K.S. Zobel vom Pregelufer.  He was the Sire of: 38 Show Champions (U.S.) #8 All-Time Top Producing Show Sire, #6  All-Time Top Producing Hunting Sire,  #10  All-Time Top Producing Obedience Sire, and 1989-90 GSPCA Show Dog Sire of the Year .  Zobel is sired out of Ciro, i.e. WS CIRO V. BICHTEWALD  is also Dazzle's Great Great Great Grandfather on Kristian's side, i.e. he sired Linda KS Vom Hege-Haus and Libelle KS Vom Hege-Haus and Adda Vom Meerbach.  

This breeding of Dazzle and Emanuel compliments both the Hege-Haus lineage as well as the Pottsiepen and Ciro V Bichtewald lineage.  


Our Guarantee

Our dogs and puppies are unconditional guaranteed against genetic defects, as well as a general health guarantee.