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Ch. Hillside's Rocky Mtn. High 

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Rocky is a bright ticked male with a solid liver head and one patch at his tale base.   Rocky is striking dog, with classic movement.  He weighs  67#, is 25” tall, and is OFA “Excellent.” 


Rocky is Teddy’s brother, and also finished his Championship easily.  Rocky was campaigned in ’98 and ’99, and had many group placements.  He retired officially at the end of the year in 1999.  He was ranked #20 in 1999.  His efforts will now be focused on his field training.   Both Rocky’s and Teddy’s pedigree have some of the older, foundation lines that have produced classic and “breed typical” shorthairs that will be a positive factor in many breeding programs.   Rocky's offspring can be seen in our meet our puppy page

Ch. Hillside's AOK's Prairie Legend


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Teddy is a ticked, compact male, with a solid liver head and one patch at his tail base.  He is truly an honest dog, 60#, 24” tall, highlighting the standard in conformation, exquisite movement, and size.  He is OFA “Good.” 


Teddy finished his Championship easily, often going BOB from the classes.  Teddy was never campaigned as a special, but rather was trained and enjoyed being our hunting companion, being a natural backer and retriever.   

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Our Guarantee

Our dogs and puppies are unconditional guaranteed against genetic defects, as well as a general health guarantee.