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Prairie's Annie Bananie!

Inka Vom Riverwoods DKV & JGHV   DI,  S2, AZP1, VGP1, IKP2, Btr, Sw2, HN, HD0, Fw:V HD Free x Ch. Prairie's Twinkle Little Star, JH


 Annie is the newest addition to our family.  Much like her mom (Twinkle) and grandmother, (Kismet) circumstances presented themselves where she didn't leave for her new home, and she quickly became part of our family.  She is bold, happy, a ham, and extremely intelligent, not to mention somewhat naughty like our luckyboy.  She is growing up well.  Look for more updates coming soon. 


   annie celebrates easter.                                  Annie does PetsMart


  annie's nose!                                           annie in outfit


   annie at ~12 weeks of age  above & below



  annie is pictured above ~ 6 months of age

                                                                          annie's @ the milkbone classic, 12 wk

  graduation from puppy kindergarden!





Update coming soon 




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